Shingle Types

Whether you're looking for durability, aesthetic appeal, or a blend of both, our selection is tailored to meet the specific demands and styles of Bend, Oregon's varied architecture.

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Our Process

Customized Shingle Selection for Every Project

We understand that choosing the right shingle type is a critical decision for any roofing project. Our process involves a detailed assessment of your home's architectural style, local climate conditions, and your personal preferences - ensuring a combination of performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal that stands the test of time.

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Performance Shingles

Performance shingles are designed for homeowners seeking an exceptional blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. These shingles are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, offering enhanced protection against wind, rain, and sun. With a variety of textures and colors available, Performance Shingles provide a striking finish that elevates the overall look of your home.

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Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles stand out for their dimensional appearance, offering a richer, more refined look than traditional shingle types. These shingles mimic the appearance of natural slate or wood shake, providing a high-end aesthetic without the maintenance and cost associated with natural materials. Ideal for those seeking to enhance their home's curb appeal, Architectural Shingles offer longevity and style.

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Designer Shingles

For the ultimate in customization and visual appeal, Designer Shingles offer unique patterns, colors, and shapes that allow homeowners to express their personal style. These high-quality shingles provide an exceptional level of durability along with the opportunity to create a distinctive roofscape that stands apart in your neighborhood.

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What type of ice dam protection do you use on the roof?

We typically use six feet of ice shield to all eaves and three feet in valleys. This is above the standard code, which only requires three feet. Ice shield helps protect your sheeting from water penetration when an ice dam occurs. It does not prevent ice damming but can help. We do NOT recommend heat tape or external devices to help with ice dams. The only prevention is to keep your roof clean of snow four feet up the eaves and valleys, so as the snow on the top of the roof melts, it does not build up in the valleys or end of the eaves. If the snow load is large, we recommend removing all snow.

What sort of warranties do you carry?

As for the roofing material itself, the warranty is only as good as its manufacturer. We typically use IKO, as they have the longest warranty on the market, which is 15 years for defects. Unlike most manufacturers, this is transferable to a new owner (for a fee) and is a great price point for our customers. However, if you have a personal choice of a different material, we use all manufacturers. If you see a competitor’s bid with an extra-long warranty, like “50 years,” please ask us for the details. It does not mean the roof is covered for replacements for that long but ONLY for defects, which are typically found in the first ten years.

Is removing my old roof required?

Not always. We can recover your roof depending on the number of layers the existing roof has. Local building codes limit the number of layers allowed. Recovering your roof is less expensive and can hold up just as well as a new roof. One downside would be that any irregularities in the existing roof will more than likely show through new roofing. We do not recommend recovers on manufactured homes.

Can you help me with my insurance claim?

YES! We can give you some tips and help with the entire process from start to finish. We recommend contacting our office before you submit any insurance bids.

Can I have my roof done in the winter or during bad weather?

YES. We roof year-round. It usually only takes four to eight hours to actually tear off the existing roof and apply water-tight synthetic underlayment. Sometimes we use tarps to double ensure any issues with rain or snow will not occur.

Are your estimates free?

Estimates are ALWAYS free; our estimator will come on your roof, measure, and take pictures. We will send you a quote within five business days of our visit. If you require more information such as longevity or roof and specifics on each element such as the condition of vents etc., we recommend you pay for a roof inspection and receive a full roof report. Money is credited back if you choose us to replace your roof.